Golf fundamentals – basics you might be doing wrong

If you have never played the game, golf might seem like a boring past time activity for rich and spoiled, but as the millions of people not fitting this description might tell you – golf is actually a lot of fun! Going in the field, hole after hole, your skills and concentration are put to the test in this surprisingly dynamic and interesting game. So, if you just got on the wagon, you might be looking for some insight into better known secrets of the game. Also, if you are experienced, you should read this, since there are a lot of misconceptions about the game, even among the long term players.



PT-2_1024x1024Aligning your body parallel or strait to the target, stepping over or crossing? Starting up, your stance might be the first of your confusions and there seems to be no concession about the “right” way to do it. However – there is, as always a simple and easy way to determine the perfect stance for your shots. Mani trainers and professionals claim to have developed special techniques and tricks to getting a perfect shots, but the truth is – there is only one way to get it good. Make yourself comfortable. Stand behind the ball and look at your target. See where the ball has to go in order to reach it and align the face of your club normally to the hole.
Now, that you have got the perfect starting position for your club, and you will have to agree it’s only logical – you can begin to think about your stance. And the truth is – everybody is different. Aligning parallel to the trajectory or slightly off is completely up to you, as long as the club face delivers in the way you wanted it. Misconception gone yet? Good!


The club

After you have mastered the correct stance, the next big problem will be the club choice. For the people outside the golf world, they are all the same and all different and no one knows what magic goes into choosing the right one. The language and the slang that goes with the game of golf is also making it hard to understand what you should be doing, so it’s not a wander that a lot of new comers get lost on their first contact with the sport! Choosing the right club is essential for a good game and many amateurs usually make the relation between the length of the club and the distance it is made for. It is not completely untrue, but it is also cutting it short, by a lot. Knowing the difference is instrumental. Choosing 3-wood for the longer shots and hitting the fairway is the name of the game these days, and only by practice and experience will you truly understand the pros and cons of every club. Practice, talk to your caddy, consult other players and always make sure to test all the claims and you will develop your own style and club preference in no time!


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Why do people play golf?

You have probably heard about Tiger Woods. At least you have seen some of his commercials. Well, Tiger Woods is most notable for promoting golf. Golf is probably less popular than him but this game has something interesting, and it can offer all sorts of things to people who wants to endure their spirit and embark on a journey with a golf club and small ball.

There are many reasons why people are playing this sport but consider this: People who are playing golf are rich! This is probably because golf as a sport has its roots in the aristocracy. Playing golf somehow depicts you as some important or rich person because the sport does not include much self-exposure, fights, or some dynamic play. This sport is also considered to be very honorable. A logical conclusion is that people who are playing it care about their honor.


People like golf because of its rules. Rules are quite simple: Hit the ball, and hit it again from the place where it lands. This rule is absolute, and it means that if it is raining or snowing, or you are playing in the sand, the ball simply has to be hit from a place where it lands. Since the rules are quite simple, there is no need for a referee, and this is why this sport can be connected with people who are respecting their opponent. Chivalry and a real taste of gentlemen at one place.

free-golf-pacakageThis sport is mostly played by older people, but that doesn’t have to be the general rule. This sport is available to everybody who wants to try it. Whether you are having 6 or 66, you can always try yourself hitting a ball with a golf club.

The next reason which can be very good when it comes to playing golf is health. Since elderly people are mostly playing this sport, walking isn’t bad for them. There are golf mobiles which are designed for easier transport though the golf field, but nonetheless, people have some physical activity in the golf field.

learn-to-play3One thing which can be quite useful when it comes to playing golf is that it is easy to learn how to play. For people who are wanting to start to play golf then some used golf clubs can be used as a start. If you are in the need of some basic instructions, you can always look for somebody who knows few things about golf. A professional can be quite useful.

Golf isn’t the most popular sport. There aren’t many people who are attending golf tournaments as they attend soccer, football, basketball games but golf can offer something to new arrivals. First of all, when you attend a tournament it is usually on a lovely sunny day and birds are singing. You can feel a fresh smell of grass and the forest in your nose. If you want to spend your day in some place nice and enjoy a good golf then go to the tournaments, you won’t be disappointed.


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